Best Time to visit las vegas

Vegas  known as The Entertainment Capital of the World  is a major resort city, known primarily for its gambling, shopping, fine dining, entertainment, and nightlife and  is also one of the major tourist attractions for its casinos, pool parties and other associated activities.

You will rarely find fewer crowds as Vegas is fully crowded throughout the year so here we have come with some information regarding the time and month when you can visit

Best Time to Visit Las Vegas by Months

January and February

January is the coldest month in Las Vegas though February has an average temperature both the months are considered to be quite chilly, as a result during these months people avoid visiting these places which leads to cheap flights and hotels where you can bargain the price and accordingly plan your trip, you can visit grand Canyon during this time which will be peaceful and quite in comparison to other time.

March and April

The best time to visit Las Vegas is during March and April is that the weather is quite moderate where people can enjoy pool parties around this time and top-ranked DJs bring more fun and entertain the party as it is one of the top spring break destinations parties continue from starting of March to end of April.

May and June

May is considered a pleasant time to visit Vegas and June marks the beginning of hot summer in Vegas. Some of the events you can enjoy during these months Electric Daisy Carnival, Vegas Fringe festivals which held in the month of June, during the months of May festival like exodus festival, Puerto Rican festivals and many other event are held.

July and August

In case you are looking to adjust your budget and wants to visit Vegas than this two month is considered to be the best time where you can find a number of deals and discounts for flights and hotels, people mostly avoid to visit during these time because of hot temperature which ultimately lead to less crowd and various airlines and hotels provide various deals and discounts in order to attract people during these time you can enjoy pool parties. 

September and October

Weather in Las Vegas continues to cool down during September and October marks the beginning of autumn seasons where you can enjoy pool parties though September is also considered the best time to fly to Vegas most cheap flights tickets seems to be available in the middle of October, and one can enjoy the famous Flamingo pool and attend concerts by Aerosmith, Gwen Stefani, Lady Gaga as well as standup comedy shows.

November and December

November and December months are quite a cold time to visit Las Vegas. The popular Rock and Roll marathon is held in mid November so in case you want to participate you should visit during this time to participate in the likewise as December is the last month of the year where New Year’s Eves is celebrated with live music, fireworks ,air displays which provide a beautiful view.